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The stable and natural antiglycation
and deglycation carcinine


ORIGIN - Natural carcinine-like ingredient for optimal benefits

In pathological or degenerative conditions (diabetes, oxidative stress, metabolic syndrome and aging), abnormal crosslinks occur between proteins and glucose forming aggregates which may further evolve through a non-enzymatic reaction known as glycation.

This chemical process slowly leads to the irreversible formation of very stable Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These glycated proteins lose their biological function and can strongly be linked to oxidative stress.

As an anti-glycation peptide, carcinine has an important role in minimizing oxidative stress and metabolic dysfunction caused by excess sugar and AGEs. This peptide can be found in crustacean (Carcinus maenus) and many mammalian tissues.


Metabolic Syndrome
  • Inhibition of the synergy between glycation and oxidation reactions
  • Scavenging propagators (glucose, glyoxal…) avoiding AGEs accumulation
Skin care
  • Scavenging of hydroxyl radical (OH°) and singlet oxygen
  • Inhibition of lipid peroxydation
  • Chelation of metal ions