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A neuroprotective peptidomimetic
for fat control



Pyroglutamylamidoethyl indole (pGT) is a dipeptide obtained with a cascade of several chemical reactions from two natural products. The initial raw material is tryptophan produced by fermentation. This tryptophan is then converted in tryptamine thanks to a decarboxylation. Tryptamine undergoes a coupling with beetroot glutamic acid which finally produces pGT.

MODE OF ACTION - A new approach to improve lipolytic effect of nerve ending

With ageing or chronic emotional stress, communication between nerves ending and adipocytes can be damaged and leads to a decrease in fat mobilizing capacity.


Modulip® improves neuronal response to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) which allows to increase pro-lipolytic mediator production. It finally leads to a better lipolysis performance mainly focused on abdominal fat. Modulip® has also a specific action on white adipose tissue which is composed of adipocytes with a fat synthesis, storage and liberation function.


Effect of pGT on cortisol-mediated PC12 regression and lipolysis (in vitro study)